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Lowered Borders

150 x 1000 x 220 mm

BR 100.22.15 carriageway lowered curbs are used as a cover for enclosing the material, both as a decorative element. 

  • Carriageways
  • Parking areas
  • Bus stops
  • Court areas
  • Others
Size 1000x220x150 mm
Volume on the transport pallet 24 t.m
Weight of palette 1,7 tones

Border installation with concrete C16 / 20 (B-15).

Substantiation below the street curbs, sidewalks, court area cover, if the project isn’t given differently.

Base is sealed until no visible traces of sealing.

Concrete 10 cm thick covers the edge at the bottom and sides. Theoretical use, fitting with concrete – road edges – 0.050 m3 / m; sidewalk curbs – 00:03 m3 / m.

It is mandatory to leave spaces between the edges if they are already regulated by spacer edges 2-3 mm in width. You can use special adhesive linings, or sawn with saws ~ 10 mm from the top. Spaces must not be filled with concrete.

Laws made, using a special curved edge with a certain radius. If this is not possible, use straight cutting edges:

R = 3 ÷ 10 m l = 250 mm

R = 10 ÷ 15 m l = 500 mm

R> 15 m l = 1000 mm

Boarder adjustment of the height to the design:

– Plan of ± 5 cm

– A height of ± 2 cm

Note that the built-in Pavement must be 5 to 10 mm above the surface of the curb.

Entrance edge (BR 100.22.15) mounted so that the surface is above the carriageway ~ 3 cm; bicycle paths, sidewalks on / ramp ≤ 10 mm.

The construction of narrow winding lanes, preferably to be constructed with plastic collars to build a special form, which touches at the base or the outer rows of paving is cemented.

Forming curbstones with radii, note that its length is 0.8 m, projects usually report rate meters. Full circle with boarders R-3 constitutes 24 curbstones; R-5 – 40pcs. curbstones.

“Ventbetons LTD” is not involved in warranty obligations on concrete border mechanical damage (e.g , The winter snow removal methods, etc..) As well as the use of inappropriate technology fitting object borders.

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