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SIA “Ventbetons” was founded in 1992 and is one of the parents, and the larger in this profile formLatvian companies. Produces concretes on road and sidewalk curbs, concrete paving stones – streets, sidewalks, industrial parks, squares covering the establishment of both pedestrians and traffic. Over the years we have shown ourselves as a stable and reliable company with a large number of regular customers and serious partners. The production process takes place through the German company “HESS” and “SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFER” technological equipment and automated from concrete preparation to finished product packing. In the production are used certified local materials, binder – cement, filler – washed sand and washed rubble. Quality of the materials are cheked by regular controls in the company’s laboratory.

SIA “Ventbetons” produced material advantage is the ecological purity, a wide range of applications, operating longevity, shape and color diversity. The company produced materials since 1992, it has a quality certificate issued by the Latvian Academy of Sciences Certification Center. 2014 issued certificates of conformity certifying that the materials have been tested and meet the requirements of standard BS EN 1338: 2004 / AC: 2007, BS EN 1340: 2004 / AC 2007

All SIA “Ventbetons” products are subject to proper control and continuous testing. This is shown by the relevant certificates.

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