Introducing our new product line, manufactured,using "WET CAST" technology to produce high quality decorative concrete products, such as concrete slabs and tiles with a wide variety in surface finish. Due to differences in manufacturing techniques from dry cast tiles, ''WET CAST'' tiles have brighter and more radiant colors and, depending on customers wishes, it is possible to produce tiles ranging from smooth surfaces to exposed stone surfaces. To gain extra strength, it is possible to embed steel reinforcements to ensure that the tiles can bear traffic loads. When compared to stone counterparts (granite, marble), the laying of wet cast tiles is cheaper, easier and faster as well as better combined with traditional dry cast products.

Available surfaces:
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Type 5
Type 6
Type 7
Type 8
Abrasion resistance ≤10305 mm3 / 5000 mm2
Bending strength ≥6 MPa*
Freeze-Thaw ≤0,475 kg/m2
Height (mm) 35-150
Length (mm) ≤1400
Width (mm) ≤1000
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